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Logo Downloads

Consistency establishes trust. It is vital that Texas A&M logos be used in a consistent manner by all colleges, departments, offices and divisions across the university. Our logos must not be altered in any way and should only appear in Aggie Maroon™, black or white (see Do's and Don’ts).

  • Logo downloads are available to faculty and staff for use in marketing and informational material.
  • Others wishing to use Texas A&M marks must seek approval from the Office of Business Development.
  • All incentive or promotional items using university marks must be produced by a licensed vendor (contact Office of Business Development for a current list).

Note: Choose the proper file for the project.

  • Print Media= brochures, postcards, posters, whitepapers and displays (use JPG or PDF file types)
  • Electronic Media= websites, PowerPoint presentations and videos (use PNG or SVG files)

A .zip download folder containing PDF, PNG, and high-resolution JPEG files of all logos
A .zip download folder of all logos

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Download Logos

A .zip download folder containing EPS, PNG, and high-resolution JPEG files of all logos