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Marketing & Communications

Writing Style

"Brand voice" refers to how the Texas A&M brand is expressed in words. Readers of our material will make judgments about the character of Texas A&M by our brand voice, similar to we each make assumptions about another person's character by observing how he or she acts, dresses and speaks. The Texas A&M brand voice should be shaped around the university's core values: integrity, loyalty, excellence, leadership, selfless service and respect. Our core values can be our writing guide to create in others passion and enthusiasm for Texas A&M.

You'll also hear our logo referred to as the "TAM" or "Block TAM." This is the correct reference, as it avoids any confusion with external audiences who are likely to get the phrase "ATM" confused with an actual automated teller machine.

Texas A&M follows the editorial guidelines put forth by The Texas A&M University System. Consult the Texas A&M System website for writing style guidelines.


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