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"One voice can enter 10 ears, but 10 voices cannot enter one ear."
- Leone Levi

We have one brand: Texas A&M University, and if we want our brand to be recognized and known, we must present a unified identity and message. That’s why material representing any facet of Texas A&M should be branded as such. The Primary Mark is the official logo of Texas A&M University and the umbrella identity covering the entire campus. When choosing how to brand your material, this is always the correct choice.

Recognizing the interest of units across campus being able to emphasize their area of focus, the university has implemented a brand architecture system. Now colleges, departments and administrative offices across campus may choose to brand their marketing and informational pieces with the university’s Primary Mark or with their custom logo lockup.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The university’s stationery system will remain unchanged, branded with the official Primary Mark. Among the most visible forms of communication, business cards and letterhead provide a consistent thread that ties us all together.


For your unit logo lockup, find your contact below:



Audrey Guidry
(979) 845-6323


Philip Rollfing
(979) 458-0442

Education & Human Development

Heather Pitts
(979) 845-7406


Wendy Herrick
(979) 458-3199


Robyn Blackmon
(979) 845-6324

Health Science Center

Melany Borsack
(979) 436-0610

School of Law

Rebecca Walden
(817) 212-3933

Liberal Arts

Karissa Bayliss
(979) 862-2476

Mays Business School

Brie Pampell
(979) 845-5435


Jenna Kujawski
(979) 458-3630

Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

VeLisa Ward Bayer
(979) 845-1707

Jennie L. Lamb
(979) 845-1708

Christopher A. Long
(979) 845-1766

Divisions / Service Providers

Admissions & Records

Lindsay Gasek
(979) 458-0980

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Estela Feagin
(979) 458-5417


Krystal Grows
(979) 862-5489

Texas A&M Information Technology

Xavier Porter
(979) 862-1367

University Libraries

Chad Becker
(979) 862-4006

Division of Finance & Operations

Karen Bigley
(979) 845-1911

Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness

Pamela Praesel
(979) 845-6287

Division of Marketing & Communications

Laura Root
(979) 862-76037

Division of Research

Kim Topp
(979) 845-4204

Division of Student Affairs

Sondra White
(979) 458-3296

Transportation Services

Melissa Maraj
(979) 845-9700

TTI Communications

Vicky Nelson
(979) 458-2748

Branch Campuses

TAMU Galveston

Bob Wright
(409) 740-4840

TAMU Qatar

Alicia Holland


email us at: