Brand Positioning

We are a fearless front. A community, standing arm in arm, ready for anything. We are steeped in history, pride and reverence and fueled by our diverse backgrounds and talents as we search for excellence and truth. From every corner of this school, we find better ways to create, solve and push each other for the good of the world. Together we can take on society’s most critical problems and look fearlessly ahead at those yet to come. United by our strong values and desire to make a difference, we are a single progressive force on the leading edge of it all.

Brand Pillars:

Transformational Education for all Students | Discovery & Innovation for the World | Impact on the State, the Nation & the World

Transformational Education for all Students:

The commitment to strengthen every student’s education by providing transformational experiences and supporting timely graduation with low debt.

Discovery & Innovation for the World:

The support for and utilization of all human and technological resources that contribute to solutions for the world’s toughest challenges.

Impact on the State, the Nation & the World:

The integration of land-grant origins and research prowess with a steadfast commitment to serve the greater good near and far.

Core Values

Our core values are integral to our campus culture. Learn more about them here.