Logos on Merchandise

Logos may be used on merchandise, such as apparel and promotional items, working with a licensed vendor to produce such items (contact Office of Business Development for a current list).

One color logos

You may sometimes be limited to a one-color imprint due to budget constraints or product limitations. One-color logos may be reproduced in Aggie Maroon (first preference), white (second preference) or black (third preference) as follows:


When reproducing Texas A&M logos using embroidery, one must use two thread colors (one for logo, one for bevel). There are three logo options to use, depending on shirt color (see below). Embroidered logos should never be sewn smaller than 1.125 inches tall.

Maroon or Dark Color Shirt

White & gray thread

A white A&M logo embroidered on a maroon shirt

White or Light Color Shirt

White & maroon thread

A white A&M logo with a maroon box embroidered on a white shirt

White Shirt Only

Maroon & white thread

A maroon A&M logo embroidered on a white shirt