Tone & Writing

The copy for Texas A&M University should capture the overarching brand in both tone and message in as many places as possible. The tone is bold but not boastful, communicating a need to always forge forward, looking for better ways and solutions. In addition to conveying necessary information, the copy should make readers feel excited about what Texas A&M can do for the future, and inspire them to join them on the journey.


Tone words that personify the university. All of our communications should use the following tone words as a guide when developing marketing ideas or writing copy.

  • Driven
  • Astute
  • Purposeful
  • Relentless
  • Committed
  • Engaging

When writing copy, use these tone words as a guide. These words aren't a checklist, but rather a spectrum. You don't have to use them verbatim. Depending on the audience, you can emphasize some tone words over the others.

Here's a writing sample that embodies these principles:

We are a community, standing arm in arm, ready for anything. We are steeped in history, pride and reverence and fueled by our diverse backgrounds and talents as we search for excellence and truth. From every corner of this school, we find better ways to create and solve and push each other - for the good of the world. Together we can take on society's most critical problems and look ahead at those yet to come. United by our strong values and desire to make a difference, we are a single progressive force on the leading edge of it all.


The headlines are bold statements in and of themselves. The subject matter of the piece drives the message of the headline, but with an interesting twist that compels the reader to find out more. The first example headline is very straightforward, and gives the reader no reason to think any further about what it says. The second one is both shorter and more engaging, and makes the reader pause and think.

Body Copy

The body copy should serve to support the idea in the headline. It should be engaging and as concise as possible. Sentence structure should be easy to follow. Varying sentence length also can make the copy flow better. Begin the body copy with a hook, to further draw in your reader. It could be an interesting thought or quote, or expound upon the headline. Your middle should consist of supporting evidence or a story that delivers on the objective. Your concluding sentence can be a call to action, or tie back to the headline or opening thought.


Imagine what you can do with a network of thousands always by your side.

At Texas A&M, we have some of the most inspired, motivated and selfless graduates around. And though we're out to change the lives of others, it's our own enduring bond that sets us apart.

Whether it's emerging from college with a job in your field or taking to the field to make a difference for others, the massive, world-renowned, unbreakable Aggie network will give you the confidence to take on the world.