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Writing Style

The Texas A&M brand voice should evoke our core values: integrity, loyalty, excellence, leadership, selfless service and respect. While our writing needs to be clear and informative, it should also be engaging. Editorial/news writing is very different from marketing and advertising copywriting, however most campus communicators are tasked with producing both. Consistent style and tone across university entities will help to increase brand awareness and elevate our national reputation.


When developing marketing materials, keep your audience top-of-mind, and infuse your design and copy with the appropriate tone. These tone words are not a checklist – don’t feel you need to use them verbatim – but use them as a guide when writing your Texas A&M story:


Here’s a writing sample that embodies these principles:

We are a fearless front.
A community, standing arm in arm, ready for anything.

We are steeped in history, pride and reverence, yet fueled by our diverse backgrounds, talents and search for excellence and truth. From every corner of this school, we find better ways to create and solve and push each other — for the good of the world. Together we can take on society’s most critical problems and look fearlessly ahead at those yet to come. United by our strong values and desire to make a difference, we are a single progressive force on the leading edge.


In general, use the Associated Press Stylebook as your writing guide. A writing guide specific to Texas A&M can be downloaded here.

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