Social Media

A person's hand holding a mobile phone with Twitter on the screen

If your division, college or department is branching out onto social media for the first time, or if you are new to the university communications environment and are looking to enhance your unit’s social media presence, we’re here to help.

When considering creating a new social media account on behalf of the university, first check with your organization’s communicator or communications office. An account may already exist. Once you’ve confirmed that there is no existing account, feel free to proceed with account creation.

Usernames are a critical part of creating a new account. The university’s preference is to use the acronym “TAMU” at the start of your username to affiliate your account with the university, and “Texas A&M” in any account description. Examples of usernames include @TAMUPolice, @TAMULawSchool, and @TAMUStudyAbroad. If “Texas A&M” does not fit within the character limits on your account description, use “TAMU” or, when appropriate, “#TAMU.” Using an ampersand on social media is tricky, so be careful when referencing “Texas A&M” on social media account descriptions or posts. Sometimes the ampersand will disrupt a hashtag, show broken characters or disappear entirely.

You can find templates and guidelines for your new account’s profile picture and cover photos on the templates page.

If you’d like to discuss your organization’s social media strategy or have any questions when creating your account, email