Consistent Branding

Below you'll find information on the rationale behind developing a consistent brand strategy across all your communications.

Benefits for Texas A&M units

Why standardize and work with University Marketing & Communications to implement brand strategy?

  • Reduces workload and time commitment for staff tasked with maintaining a Texas A&M unit brand presence.
  • Reduces cost through coordinated activities. In a marketplace of highly fragmented media, the cost of reaching fragmented audiences is much higher and difficult to justify.
  • Confirms your credibility as part of a larger, unified brand. We are stronger when we speak as one.
  • Initiates greater loyalty from students, staff and former students.
  • Creates collective ability to shape and manage successfully one core brand over time.
  • Supports effectiveness of media relations through more unified identity and targeted messaging.

Benefits for our target audience and stakeholders

What is the value of a unified brand strategy?

  • Communicates a comprehensive picture of our core values and reputation.
  • Builds emotional connection and pride associated with one core brand.
  • Providing consistent representation helps audiences understand the breadth and depth of our organization.
  • Delivers messages faster, creates a consistent image and strengthens brand recognition by creating a seamless, compelling experience across all of our communication channels.