Photography & Video

Following the best practices for creating photo and video content and familiarizing yourself with university branded assets will help to elevate the quality of your work and ensure it aligns with the university brand.

Please review the photography and video requirements listed here before utilizing any of the Texas A&M provided templates or assets.

Texas A&M University Faculty, Staff and Students

University-Owned Content - Faculty and staff may use university-owned content for work related to official job duties. Students may use university-owned content for class projects, to support or promote authorized student organizations, and other non-commercial purposes related to their role as students, and only in a manner consistent with the Texas A&M Student Rules.

University Release Form - Faculty and staff must have the University Release Form completed by each individual that is identifiable in videos and/or photographs before the content is used. University Release Forms have already been completed for the content made available by the Division of Marketing & Communications. General release forms for campus use are provided below:

Please contact with any university video or photography questions.

Third Parties

Third parties are required to receive permission from the Office of Brand Development before using any university-owned content. Most third-party requests can be addressed through the university's Location Agreement or Image & Video License Agreement.

Location Agreement - Third-party videographers and photographers are required to complete the university's Location Agreement at least two business days prior to filming and/or photographing content on campus.

Image & Video License Agreement - Third parties must complete the university's Image & Video License Agreement before using university-owned video and/or photographs.

Please contact with any questions related to third-party use of university content.